Increase Microsoft technology usage and teams efficiency

Level Lite is Microsoft Teams application which will increase productivity of workforce by enabling self-service training and personalized onboarding with micro-learning content for Microsoft Office 365 technology.
Level Lite
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What is Level Lite

Level Lite is designed to provide personalized onboarding and training process of Microsoft Office365 technology stack with focus on micro-learning content and personalized learning paths. Level Lite enables SMB companies to empower workforce and address the following pains:

Lack of technology adoption and uncertain technology ROI
Purchased technology and adoption levels are not in relation, not all purchased technology is fully utilized​. Microsoft Office 365 technology stack contains plethora of features and without proper training it is impossible to improve workforce efficiency and utilization of new features
Low experience and visibility of LMS technology stack
No experience how LMS and resources training can improve technology adoption and improve business productivity​. In SMB companies LMS is left behind other IT systems (CRM, ERP, etc.) and in most of the cases knowledge transfer is done either via some Intranet Portal or via e-mail. In that environment adoption of any newly purchased technology implied additional workload for employees and finally low technology adoption.
Lack of resources for LMS and technology adoption projects
Lack of dedicated resources to enable trainings and technology adoption​. Due to the small IT/HR teams in SMB companies there is no ability to deploy dedicated LMS tools and process, this leads into low possibility to employ technology to adopt the newly purchased technology, end-users are left alone to find a way how to adopt new technology.

How can we help

Improve employee knowledge
Workforce scan through interview

When a user begins to interact with Level Light, they will be asked to do a short interview. Leve Lite chatbot will ask a couple of questions to better understand the profile, digital readiness level, and needs of the user. This information will be available in the portal and will be used to better help each individual user.

Increase relevant learning guidance at scale
Personal learning journey

A personal learning journey will be offered in the “Learnings” section of Level Light. When the scan is complete, personal learning journey is offered as well, which will continuously adjust to the progress of the user. The chatbot will motivate to try new learnings and badges.

Increase user engagement with relevant notifications
Proactive target active campaigns

Level Light enables true engagement through proactive campaigns. This is a set of messages that is scheduled to specific target audiences. For example for people who are really into Teams, people who want to learn more about organizing notes and todos, or who want to know more about “Smarter meetings”. People can decide for themselves whether they want to participate, which is what most people do – with great satisfaction!

Increase support impact with our functional helpdesk
Answers as a service

When people have questions about Microsoft 365 they can ask them to WorkplaceBuddy. An answer is guaranteed as questions that are (yet) unknown to the chatbot will be answered by support experts from Level Lite. A notification will be sent to people with the relevant answer, and the chatbot will know the answers next time.


Teams happiness
Because of the automated interview and progress, Level Lite better understand what your needs are. With relevant content that is fun app makes people happy & productive!
Your support department and adoption experts should not need to answer basic functional questions. We unburden them so they can provide more human added value!
Increased ROI
Level Lite increases your workplace utilization while it has a positive business case on preventing and solving tickets, on productivity increase, and on preventing the need for on site training


Level Lite
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