One solution that protects your company against any cyberthreats

Backup Lite is self-service application which enables cybersecurity protection with unlimited backup and recovery storage for company frontline assets (workstation/mobile), on-prem servers and cloud assets (Microsoft Office 365).
Backup Lite
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Why Backup Lite

Backup Lite helps company to efficiently protect and secure all company IT assets against various cyberthreats with minimal interaction from end-user side and with highest level of automation (2-Click recovery).

Backup Lite in real-time provides continues file and data protection, with advanced cyberthreats protection, minimal TCO and with no upfront investments.

Backup and Recovery processes and policies
Backup Lite will help you to address highly important IT processes such are backup and recovery, with minimal efforts and across the complete organization with minimal IT resources engagement.
Protect all devices and secure the customer data
Backup Lite is designed to provide to SMB Customers top notch security protection and secure the customer data across all devices and attach surfaces (workstation, servers, mobile devices).
Productivity and cost optimization across the complete organization
With Noventiq Backup Lite Service you can regain control of your clients’ Microsoft 365 data, manage unnecessary expenses, and keep their business running with an easy-to-use, efficient, and secure cloud-to-cloud backup solution in place.
Proven ROI with Backup Lite
Backup Lite minimize cost by enabling straight forward onboarding process and transparent cost structure for activated backup/recovery and security resources across the complete on-prem and cloud IT landscape of your company.

What is Backup Lite

Backup Lite is self-service backup and security assessment application that help SMB Customers to establish straight forward backup and recovery process, protect all relevant on-prem and cloud IT assets (workstations, servers, O365 accounts, mobile devices, storage devices) with security process across the complete IT landscape which address the following pains:

Lack of centralized backup and recovery resource (policies)
Due to the lack of skilled resources backup/recovery practice is left behind day2day operations and it is handled occasionally (per incident)
Minimize the backup cost and improve security
Right size and qualified backup targets with minimized monthly backup cost. Secure data of potential ransomware attacks
Enable DR function with minimal restore time
Beyond simple backup it is essential to enable in the case of incident disaster recovery of server/data infrastructure with minimal downtime

Protect Microsoft 365 with Backup Lite

Exchange Online
Protect emails, attachments, contacts, tasks, group mailboxes, archive mailboxes, and calendars.
OneDrive for Business
Safeguard files and folders including all access permissions, if necessary.
SharePoint Online
Secure site collections, team sites, communication sites, and all access permissions settings.
Protect Microsoft Teams data, including team’s name, member list, team channels and their content, team mailbox, meetings, and team sites.

Backup Lite features

Intuitive user-interface
Administer the solution and perform backup tasks using a user-friendly, modern interface. Reduce costs and time spent learning the solution and implementing it.
Automatic protection for new Microsoft 365 items
Reduce headaches by streamlining backup management for Microsoft 365. New users, groups, and sites are automatically protected.
Quick backup search
Level Lite increases your workplace utilization while it has a positive business case on preventing and solving tickets, on productivity increase, and on preventing the need for on site training
Powerful status monitoring
Achieve higher levels of transparency and security thanks to advanced reporting capabilities and backup-status monitoring, including widgets, notifications, and alerts for critical events


Backup Lite
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